Access Restriction By IP

Technical Name : access_restriction_by_ip
License Affero GPL-3
Version 1.0
Author Betapy , Cybrosys Techno Solutions ,
Downloads 38
Publisher BetaPy
Score 3 / 10

Access Restriction By IP

User can access his account only from specified IP's


This module will restrict the users access to his account from specified IP address only


  •    Administrator can set a IP or a group of IP address for each users
  •    Users can access their account only from the specified IP's
  •    Accessing system from a non-specified IP will restrict the user login
  •    A warning message will be displayed
  •    If no IP is set to user means there is no any restriction by IP
  •    IP Address for each users can be set from users form view

Setting IP address for User

Setting IP address for user from users form view

User will be able to access his account only from this IP's

User accessing his account

On accessing account from a non specified IP

Warning message will be displayed

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