Developer FAQ

  1. You can signup here at
  2. Fill up relevant details
  3. Agree to the developer distribution agreement
  4. We’ll review your account details and act upon it within 3 working days.
  5. If approved, you can start publishing your apps.

After successful registration, your account is under review for Approval process. Once your account is approved, you can add repositories from “My Account -> Services”

We are open for all possible “open source” apps including but not limited to “AGPL-3”, “LGPL-3” or “GPL-3”.
For those who wish to sell their apps, they may choose proprietary license like "FPL-1" Flectra Proprietary License v1.0 (derived from OPL-1 (Odoo Proprietary License v1.0))

We will review apps time to time in order to approve the quality of apps on our store. In order to give best quality to our customer and improve overall echo system, we require developers to go through few rules while developing the apps.

  • Author Credits : Make sure you have given the credits to author of apps and libraries in proper way, specially when you have created the apps using any other open source apps or libraries
  • App License : Maintain and Follow proper app license structure
  • Proper Features : Provide proper features list that app is actually providing, avoid mentioning features that are not part of the current app or part of future releases
  • Index File : Maintain and provide information like features, support duration and the medium of support. Avoid unnecessary information like links to third party sites, services or products,
  • Documentation : Provide necessary Installation and configuration documentation in order to use the app efficiently.
  • Information Collection : Do not collect any information about usage, records or anything else without explicit permission of user or organization

Store only allows pricing in USD at the moment with minimum app price of $9. Although the developers are allowed to upload open source apps in the system which is free.

Provide the following information in Index file :

  1. App features
  2. Support Policy
  3. How to Obtain Support
  4. Documentation / Configuration Details

Prohibited Items for Index File :

  1. No third party website links
  2. No links / mention of third party products

  • Banner Size (px) : 1000 X 563
  • Icon Size (px) : 512 X 512

App quality score is calculated based on the following factors.

  1. PEP8 Compliant
  2. Flake8 Compliant
  3. Index file completion
  4. Test Cases
  5. Banners and Logos

Both public and private repositories are supported.

For Public Repositories, only HTTPS url of the repository is supported. Eg.

For Private Repositories, We have created “flectrahq-apps” user for the famous providers such as, and

For private repositories on private servers or by other providers, just add following public key to the user account and we’ll be able to access the repository.

No Registration Charges! Developers can put unlimited public repositories with free or paid apps. You’ll be able to claim 85% of your app sales revenue.

Payout cycle is of minimum 7 days. Payout with minimum amount of $100. Payments to the developers will be made by wire transfer or using payoneer payment processing.

In some countries, it is legal compliance to issue an invoice in order to receive the payments in bank. For such countries, we expect developers to issue invoice to FlectraHQ in order to receive payments.

Developers can put unlimited public repositories with free or paid apps. You’ll be able to claim 85% of your app sales revenue

In case of any complaints towards the app, FlectraHQ will moderate the complaint in a fair manner and try to resolve the conflict / complain in a manner which is beneficial for both developer and the echo system.

We may unpublish, block, remove, temporarily suspend the app sale or download until the issue is resolved. Payments for the same can also be kept on hold until the dispute is resolved.

Buyer FAQ

You can download the purchased app from your Order Screen (...//my/orders).

All the apps should be installable by following standard installation process, but in case any special installation steps or process is required, please refer to the installation / configuration documentation mentioned in the app.

Support for the apps will be provided by the app developer and NOT BY FlectraHQ. We emphasise our developers to include the information regarding support days and support channel, in case if you don’t find such details with your apps, feel free to ask in FAQ of the app.

You can ask the developer for the clarification about the discrepancy in what has been mentioned and what is available.

You can only rate and review the app that you have purchased via FlectraHQ Store. You can put your reviews for the app purchased on the app page Reviews tab. FlectraHQ team will moderate the review for quality purpose and then publish it on the app page.