Flectra Payment gateway is one of the most important modules of Flectra. Businesses who are working in the online world understand how important payment gateways are. The diversity of the payment currencies and gateway warrants special attention and that's why 73Lines offer Flectra Payment gateway development.

Flectra comes with pre-installed payment gateway module. By all means, the module is useful and helps to integrate basic payment methods to the gateway. At 73Lines, we understand how important are payment gateways and that's why we can customize and develop Flectra Payment gateways to our clients.

At 73Lines, we approach the problem differently and come up with the solution that works.

Flectra Payment Gateway Development With 73LINES

  • Flectra is the leading ERP solution on the internet and with the release of the Flectra V10.0, Flectra came with a lot of offerings. One of the biggest features included into the Flectra platform is the eCommerce solution.

  • Other solutions that require payment gateway integration are accounting and point of sale. Not every region is configured according to the tax laws. So, it is necessary to customize or even develop a novel solution for the business.

  • With detailed and systemized approach we integrate the local payment gateways with ease. The idea of making the most of system to understand its intricacies and work on the idea of creating a module that works out of the box.

  • The default payment gateway module comes with some limitations and that's why it always a good idea to build you own custom payment gateway. With custom payment gateway, you can extend your services anytime and also there is no transaction cost associated with it.

  • Integrate the payment gateway to existing modules and banks.

  • Comply with the security parameters and add a secure channel for an easy transaction for users.

  • The Payment gateway developed by 73Lines is always scalable.

  • Easy to extend with new features in future.

  • Supports disputes, chargeback, and arbitration.

Flectra Payment Gateway Development

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